Baldwin Wallace University – Slides from Lecture

Slides for the lecture at Baldwin Wallace University during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week can be accessed here: BodyImageDiversity.BW.print.pptx.

Nationwide Workshop

Materials associated with the workshop at Nationwide Children’s Hospital on November 19, 2015 can be found HERE.

2015 APA Skill Building Session

Materials associated with the APA Skill Building Session titled “Best practices for modeling longitudinal data: Making complex theory accessible” can be found HERE.

Conference Posters

PDF versions of posters from recent conferences can be found HERE.

Prospective Graduate Student Advising Resources

As discussed on my Research page, I devote a portion of my research efforts toward the development of a model and resources for what I call ‘evidence-based advising’. The paper below contains tables with empirical data on what graduate faculty look for and desire in applicants to their graduate programs. (Additional papers from this line of research will be added as they are published)

Karazsia, B.T., & McMurtry, C.M. (2012). Graduate admissions in pediatric psychology: The importance of undergraduate trainingJournal of Pediatric Psychology, 37, 127-135.

Karazsia, B.T., Stavnezer, A.J., & *Reeves, J.W. (in press). Graduate training in clinical neuropsychology: The importance of undergraduate training. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology. Manuscript accepted June 25, 2013.

SPSS “Cheat” Sheets

The following sheets are provided to facilitate adoption and utilization of SPSS. These sheets are used by all students in my Introduction to Statistics course at The College of Wooster. They are made available here to help Wooster students with their research projects. Please know that all of these sheets are copyrighted by me, so please do not modify or distribute beyond the context of The College of Wooster without my explicit permission.

Some materials mention datasets that are to be downloaded – this information should be ignored if you are not currently in one of my statistics classes. However, the illlustrations on the documents will still be beneficial as a primer or review.